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MATH300 Discussions Questions Week 1 to 11

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Using the Internet, research statistics using a topic from either the “In the News” section or
the “ Issues” section.

Discussion: “Interpretation of Data and Statistical
Concepts.” Students will

respond to the following with regard to their selected topic in the

Explain your reasons for choosing your topic.

Interpret and explain the results.

Identify and discuss any results in the selected poll which
were most interesting.

Discuss potential factors which might have had an
influential role in the outcome.

Week 2

Using the provided data, describe what you would do to
investigate the statement about the price of automobile insurance
premiums. Identify the graph which would best display the data and
explain your choice

Week 3

Identify at least one example of probability encountered in
everyday life which has not previously been mentioned. Explain how probability
is used in that situation. Identify the type of probability your example best
fits by explaining whether it is an independent event or dependent upon
something else.

Week 4

"Binomial and Poisson Distributions" Please
respond to the following: Examples of the binomial and poisson distributions
are all around us.

Identify a real-life example or application of either the
binomial or Poisson distribution.

Specify how the conditions for that distribution are met.

Suggest reasonable values for n and p (binomial) or mu
(poisson) for your example.

Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the
distribution for your example.

week 5

Compare the means from the first section (population)
and third section (distribution of sample means). Note the shape of the
distribution of sample means (green graph in third section).
Evaluate if the results are what you expected for each distribution.

Week 6

Simulate at least 5,000 intervals and note the proportion that
contained the mean. Note how the proportions correspond to the confidence
levels. Report findings; explain how this helped broaden your
understanding of confidence levels; and identify what was easy and what was
challenging about this applet.


Explain why “failing to reject the null” is not the same as
“accepting the null”. Support the statement

Week 8

Discuss which activity had the greatest impact on you and
why. Describe what was easy and what was challenging with the applet.

Week 9

Discuss which activity had the greatest impact on you and
why. Identify what was easy and what was challenging with the applets.

Week 10

Describe how statistics affects you currently in your
personal life. Describe how statistics affects you currently or in the
future in your professional life.

Week 11

Describe what you achieved during this course. Then, share
your biggest or most rewarding

•Discuss how you anticipate using the materials covered in

this course in the future.

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