MGMT410 Assignments + Discussions Questions + Midterm

MGMT410 Assignments + Discussions Questions + Midterm

MGMT410 Week 1 Strategic Linkages

MGMT410 Week 2 Case Study Off-the-Job Behaviors

MGMT410 Week 3 Web Exercise Understanding Job Analysis

MGMT410 Week 5 Simulation JVA Corporation

MGMT410 Week 6 Case Study A Perky Way to Productivity

MGMT410 Week 7 Case Study Collective Bargaining at West University

+ Discussion Questions

The Purpose of HRM

Functions of HRM

EEO Laws

Privacy and Technology

Job Analysis

Recruitment and Selection

Employee Orientation

Career Management

Performance Appraisals

Pay Systems

Benefit Packages

Health and Safety

Labor Laws

Why We Hate HR Article

+ Midterm Exam

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